Trip to come across in summer.

Almost summer. Aso, public performance.
Back is pushed for wind to blow and is led to empty blue,
After all do you not aim at Aso in the summer?
Summer of Aso that you do not yet know waits.

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Traffic information of Aso

Let's confirm traffic condition

Road information (Kumamoto disaster prevention information)
Kumamoto road information camera

Milk road route

  • Kumamoto IC
  • National highway No. 57
  • Roadside station Otsu
  • Prefectural Road 339
  • Prefectural Road 23
  • National highway No. 57 (AKAMIZU)
  • Aso Station

Tawarayama route

  • Kumamoto Station
  • Street with a car track
  • Second Airport Line
  • Aso, Tawarayama
  • Aso Station

Aso City access route map

Aso area public transport map

"There is Aso to be able to come across only now." Way of enjoying summer Aso

Summer of Aso where heart is cheered up by green of refreshing grassy plain. It is active, and do you not enjoy "aso trip" while feeling cool wind?

Water group (Mizuki) circulation

Summer resort, Aso 01

Water group (Mizuki) circulation quenching throat at chilly spring

Spring water which begins to spring out around Aso Shrine thick and fast. This water clean coolly softens summer heat with all Gokan. How about while circulating through much water group which town is dotted with including shin*sen of the Aso Shrine precincts worshiped as water of perpetual youth and longevity when we take a walk aimlessly?

Higo Thailand

Summer resort, Aso 02

Higo sea bream which forgets heat in activeness only in the summer

Aso includes flower or rare plant seen only here a lot. Purple shines in fantastic flower "Higo Thailand" seen from August in particular to the middle of September backed by green of magnificent Aso and forgets heat in the cuteness. Do you look for special flower not to be able to come across only now?

Source trekking

Summer resort, Aso 03

The Milky Way where clears up heart in starlit sky of the best part

Summer night sky is the Milky Way. Atmosphere is clear in Aso and can see star through one year, but there is not thing shutting out blink of star, and starlit sky, above all, to look at from broad perspective peak can watch star of overwhelming quantity so as to seem to run down.

Trip active in summer Aso


Source trekking

01 to be active, and to enjoy summer

Non-every day experience-based source trekking of 100% impression

In superb view where untouched nature is left at the source of the Chikugo River filled with greenery, do you not enjoy source trekking? We match place that is quick in flow and power including waterfall and get over and aim at huge waterfall of goal. It is non-daily life experience that both adult and child can enjoy with every effort.


02 to be active, and to enjoy summer

Take the morning sun; and yoga of the energy charge heavens

We practice yoga while bathing in the morning sun with whole body and, in superb view overlooking broad perspective peak in Mt. Aso five, the east to the south, experience. Clear air is gone around to whole body if we take a deep breath, and heart and soul are refreshing. If yoga is over; is teatime by small birdsong in BGM. Energy is experience that we can charge.


03 to be active, and to enjoy summer

Cycling that stomach breathes in smell of young leave much

If encounter with thing and person that both magnificent nature of Aso and cityscape are delicious wants to experience Aso entirely, after all cycling is recommended. You set course at one's pace to one hand in map, and do you not do oneself dakenoaso trip? There is rental cycle, too.

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