Privacy Policy

About the acquisition of personal information

When we acquire personal information of visitor on Web site of Aso City Tourism Association, we announce use purpose of personal information and acquire by legitimate means on agreement of visitor. We may not acquire personal information by means of false other injustice.

About use purpose of personal information

Aso City Tourism Association uses for the next purpose about personal information that they acquired after having obtained visitor's consent.

About offer and deposition of personal information

Personal information that Aso City Tourism Association acquired from visitor may not do offer, disclosure to third party unless we correspond to either following.

About management of personal information

Aso City Tourism Association arranges the organization system to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation of personal information and leak and carries out safety management measures such as system sides. About business consignment point, we will instruct that we manage personal information by similar guideline appropriately.

About disclosure and correction of personal information

When disclosure, correction about personal information of oneself are hoped for, visitor copes immediately as far as it is rational.

Immunity from responsibility

About change of privacy policy

As we should announce with change of our page when we change this privacy policy in Aso City Tourism Association, we hope that we have you confirm regularly.

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