ONSEN, gasutoronomiuokingu in Aso-Uchinomaki Onsen

About ONSEN, gasutoronomiuokingu

We are based in hot spring resort full of charm of Japan, and, with "ONSEN, gasutoronomitsurizumu," "nature" is "bodily sensation" new tourism which it is possible for by walking with "culture, history" all the local special "meal" at a time. "It rotates" while feeling nature, the history of hot spring resort neighborhood and holds ONSEN, gasutoronomiuokingu as event to have "we eat, and hot spring enjoy delicious thing, liquor of the land after" (we drink) and walking saying "we use".

Application page
※Because we reached 5/11 capacity, we finished acceptance.
Thank you for many applications.

Offer essential point

Summary The date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
Course: Uchinomaki, Aso hot-spring resort (approximately 8km in total length)
Start / goal: The Aso City government office UCHINOMAKI branch side, lawn open space
[sponsorship] (no company) ONSEN, gasutoronomitsurizumu promotion mechanism
[the cosponsorship] Aso City [support] ANA
[supporting company] Suntory alcoholic beverage, Nestle Japan, Inc.
Reference Aso City Tourism Division TEL: 0967-22-3174
Item The gasutoronomiuokingu public ※Time lag start
① Departure from reception desk 8:30 - / 9:00 ...
② Departure from reception desk 9:30 - / 10:00 ...
③ Departure from reception desk 10:30 - / 11:00 ...
※It is free walk by walk form with each course.
※It is until 15:00 at construction time of each gas fatty tuna point.
※Participant, please obey instructions of person in charge to have you walk safely.
Participation qualification Nationality, age, sex do not matter at all. Person who can follow rule and manner, traffic rules of meeting. But companion of person of assistance is necessary for person needing assistance companion of protector primary schoolchild as follows.
Entrance fee 2,000 yen (300 capacity)
  • We allot entrance fee 2,000 yen for contribution to the Aso Shrine rebuilding except a part of the overheads. We have you support event conduct expense in ANA.
Clothes, thing in a Buddhist image's hand Come with clothes which are easy to exercise, shoes comfortable to walk in.
Agreement, immunity from responsibility
  • Participant shall observe instructions, traffic regulation that sponsor establishes to hold event smoothly and safely.
  • Sponsor does not take all responsibility except emergency measure on sickness and wound and loss, other accidents.
  • We change at time after application by self-circumstances and cannot cancel.
  • When unexpected disasters such as natural disaster, stormy weather that is hard to walk, outbreak of new influenza occur, we may cancel event.
  • About the held right or wrong of the day of the meeting, in the case of contents change caused by weather, we announce the day before in Aso City Tourism Association HP at 17:00.
  • It becomes event with liquor. We enjoy appropriate amount, and please refrain from act annoyed by of other participants. (acts such as loud voice, chugalugging)
  • We may ask for the presentation of identification card for the age certification. In addition, driving such as car, bicycle that we drink is forbidden by law. Please use public means of transportation.
  • The publication right and right of likeness to magazine, the Internet of full name, age, address (the name of a country, metropolis and districts name) of picture, photograph, article, record, applicant of meeting are vested in sponsor.
In the case of weather having difficulty in walk, we provide only meal in ASO PLAZA HOTEL.



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